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TAMKO® has been making quality building products for 70 years. In 1999, TAMKO® entered the composite decking market bringing a new method of manufacturing composite lumber, compression molding. TAMKO’s significant manufacturing experience, dedication to teamwork and unparalleled obsession with quality has made Envision® Decking one of the most recognizable brands in the decking market.

Today, TAMKO’s dedication to continuously improve its processes and products has led to the development and introduction of its uniquely beautiful Envision® line of composite lumber.

The TAMKO® Story

In 1944 at the age of 69, E.L. Craig began a roofing business in an old streetcar barn in Joplin, Missouri. His wife, Mary Ethel, named the company TAMKO® – from the first letters of the five states they anticipated as their sales territory: Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. She assumed the leadership of TAMKO® in 1954 due to Mr. Craig’s health. The Craigs’ daughter, Ethelmae, directed TAMKO’s operations during the 1950s and has continued as TAMKO’s chairman to this day. In 1956, Ethelmae’s husband, J.P. (Jay) Humphreys, joined the company and in 1960 became TAMKO’s president.

Over the next 33 years, Jay Humphreys led TAMKO’s growth and success with his entrepreneurial vision for TAMKO® to rise to national prominence with the addition of manufacturing plants in Phillipsburg, Kansas (1969); Tuscaloosa, Alabama (1974); Knoxville, Tennessee (1978); Frederick, Maryland (1978); and Dallas, Texas (1985).

In addition, Jay Humphreys’ recognition of the breakthroughs possible with the continuous quality improvement principles of Dr. W. Edwards Deming laid the foundation for TAMKO’s success today.

Family leadership of the company continues today with Jay and Ethelmae’s children. Their daughter, Sarah Atkins joined TAMKO® in the 1980s and has served in a number of positions such as research analyst in TAMKO’s R&D department, commercial roofing sales and most importantly, in the implementation of Deming Total Quality Management training throughout TAMKO’s facilities. Today, Sarah continues as a TAMKO® board member, training consultant and a key participant in the company’s strategic planning.

Following Jay’s death in 1993, David Craig Humphreys (Jay and Ethelmae’s eldest son) assumed the role of TAMKO’s President and Chief Executive Officer. In 1994, David changed the name to TAMKO Roofing Products, Inc. to reflect the company’s focus on roofing products. Since 1994, TAMKO’s expansion has continued at a dramatic pace.

The addition of new manufacturing plants expanded TAMKO’s production capabilities for additional organic roll products as well as asphalt cements and coatings in Green Cove Springs, Florida (1994); additional glass mat production in Ennis, Texas (1996); polyester mat, cements and coatings, and waterproofing in Columbus, Kansas (1998); the MetalWorks® steel shingle production facility in Joplin, Missouri at High Street (2004) and many additions and modifications at existing plants to increase productivity for TAMKO® 3-Tab shingles and Heritage® laminated shingles, the cornerstone in TAMKO’s residential roofing product line. In addition, TAMKO® has pursued a strategy to achieve low-cost leadership through automation of many of its processes as well as vertical integration of raw material needs.

Beginning in 1999, TAMKO® entered the plastic composite decking business with its purchase of composite manufacturing equipment in Lamar, Missouri. Since 1999, TAMKO® has expanded its production of EverGrain® decking and added extruded railings to complement its decking product line.

TAMKO® has continued to build on the success of the Deming continuous quality principles with the launch of a comprehensive Six Sigma program across the company beginning in 2002. Six Sigma at TAMKO® is a business strategy and management philosophy for the urgent pursuit of perfection to achieve increased profitability with a goal of near perfection.

On June 1, 2006, TAMKO Roofing Products, Inc. changed its name to TAMKO Building Products, Inc. to more accurately reflect the products produced, including EverGrain® and Envision® composite decking, Tam-Rail® and Marquee Railing® systems, waterproofing materials, window and door wraps, asphalt cements and coatings, insulation facer, and raw materials such as glass mat, dry felt, processed asphalt, paper cores, polyester mats, and crushed limestone.

Today, TAMKO® remains headquartered where it began in Joplin, Missouri while operating manufacturing and warehouse facilities across the country in order to serve its customers across the nation.

Low Maintenance Less time on maintenance. More time for life.
25 Year Limited Warranty A great warranty for a great product.
Highly Durable Stress less about the life of your deck.

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